Day 1 – Only you can Change YOU

Things don’t just happen in Space and Time! This happen according to a preset time and plan.

Today I want to challenge you that if you ever want to see something happen, then you are going to start happening first!!!! No Short cuts!


5 Things I DID while my PC did a Disk Check

At the Dawn of this year, I decided to take on a new approach and NOT MAKE any resolution but instead resolved (Yes, you heard that Right) to start DOING stuff and probably make resolutions along the way. Now am not saying Resolutions are bad, but for me that’s the direction this year! lots of people (including myself) make resolutions as a goal setting strategy for the year, and that’s also a good thing. Continue reading

The Magic Track Pad…

Apple launched yet another of their unbelievable gadgets, the Multi-touch Magic,now they give Desktop users a chance to enjoy another great feature, the all new imac.
The two work together so well, let alone the fact that the Track Pad has been common with the Mac books, and many are already getting ready to try this all new Magical era of Gadgets – all courtesy of Apple, Inc
Steve Jobs is really that Crazy!
Too bad, I can’t have one yet!